Order Supplies & Forms


Supply quantities fulfilled are based on previous test volumes sent to DMCUL. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Instructions for a Supply Order Request:

  1. A supply form is mandatory. You may use your own customized Supply Form or download a blank one --> Supply Order Form
  2. If filling out a blank form, write in your practice name, address, and lab account number on the form in the Account Name section. 
  3. Enter the quantity requested in the Request column to the left of the product name, note some things are each and some are box.
  4. Give the completed form to the courier, leave in your DMC drop box, or fax to 313-966-7422.
  5. If supplies are urgent contact your Sales Technical Service Representative for assistance.



Certain tests may require an additional separate form to be sent to allow the laboratory to have complete information for testing.  These forms may be printed here and submitted with the appropriate samples.

Prenatal Screening Patient History Form - Triplicate version form available by ordering via the Lab Supply Order Form.

Lead Testing Data Form

ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) Form - Triplicate version form available by ordering via the Lab Supply Order Form.

Add On Test Form

24 Hour Urine Collection Instructions for Patients



We also offer a Tube Type Poster in PDF form to help guide phlebotomists in choosing the correct color tube for many tests. This chart also includes the proper order of draw, and notes if there's any special handling required for certain tests. This poster is printable on 8.5x11 paper in landscape, and a color printer is recommended. To receive a large professionally printed poster, contact a Technical Service Representative in the Lab Sales Department.