Client Services

The DMCUL Client Services Department is committed to assisting customers and providing high quality professional service. Client Services Representatives are available to answer inquiries regarding test results, add-on requests, STAT services and test requirements. The Client Services Department acts as a liaison between our clients/customers and the laboratory technical staff. In addition to the Client Services Representatives, there are Technical Service Representatives available to help provide detailed technical support for the clients and they also act as a resource to Client Services Representatives. Services include assisting with highly technical questions, providing support material for esoteric testing, and conferring with the laboratory staff to find specific answers to questions. They function to find solutions for all issues requiring research and follow-up. In addition to providing information about DMCUL’s laboratory services and the current status of lab testing, the Client Services Representative provides phone and fax notification for Laboratory Critical Values and STAT results.

The department also functions to find solutions for all issues requiring follow-up with the client. Working in conjunction with Clients, Couriers, Processing and Laboratory departments, the Client Services Representatives notify the clients of testing that cannot be performed due to concerns about specimen integrity or insufficient volume of testing. They handle all notification to clients of any pre-analytical and post-analytical concerns. The Client Services Representative also notifies of orders for which samples have not yet been received, or of questions concerning the client’s request for testing.

The department is staffed 24/7. Please contact Client Services at 1-(800) 456-2154 .

For your convenience for add-on test requests, please utilize the Add-On Test Request Form. Add-on tests are based on sufficient quantity and availability of the sample in the laboratory, and are limited to the viability of the sample for the tests requested.

If mailing a sample directly to us, please send to:


4201 ST. ANTOINE, UHC 3A-2


We look forward to servicing you.