The immunohistochemistry laboratory is a consolidated DMC service offering a broad range of immunohistochemical protocols for paraffin sections of fixed tissue, frozen tissue, limited chromogenic in situ hybridization and immunofluorescent procedures. Our antibody menu includes over 200 diagnostic and predictive/prognostic markers. The laboratory utilizes the newest automation, Ventana Benchmark Ultra immunostainers and detection systems. Immunohistochemistry testing is performed on approximately 4000 slides per month.

Staining for estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and Her-2/neu is performed on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections using a polymer-based detection. The scoring method is quantitative using the computer-assisted image analysis system, VIAS.  The Her-2/neu is reported consistent with CAP and ASCO guidelines. Approximately 800 estrogen and progesterone receptor and over 600 Her-2/neu tests are performed each year.

The laboratory offers two levels of service. If technical support is requested all stained slides will be returned to you for your own interpretation.  A full consultation request  includes a written diagnostic with interpretation of stains. The laboratory is staffed by a supervisor, three medical technologists, one of whom has earned Added Qualification in Immunohistochemistry (QIHC) certification from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and one medical laboratory assistant. The laboratory is overseen by a board certified pathologist supported by the expertise of other staff pathologists. This laboratory  meets CAP, CLIA, and FDA requirements for performing immunohistochemical stains.