DMCUL Histology Laboratory provides histology services on H&E stains and variety of special stains to pathologists systemwide, including Harper Hospital, Childrens Hospital, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Sinai Grace Hospital, and Huron Valley Hospital. Our laboratory is staffed with 33 ASCP registered histotechnologists to meet operational turn-around-time goals.  The two microwave tissue processors developed by Milestone Medical shorten the processing time in half without the use of proprietary reagents.  These xylene-free tissue processors make us greener and meet same day processing time for surgical biopsies.  Remote access allows us to securely access the processors for monitoring, upgrades and service from anywhere in the world via internet.  The laboratory processes over 240,000 paraffin-embedded blocks per year, over 337,000 H&E slides, and over 20,000 special stained slides.  A wide-range of specimens are handled in the laboratory including surgical resections and biopsies, bone marrow biopsies, cytology cellblock materials, tissue obtained from autopsy, whole mount eyeball specimens, muscle biopsies, outside blocks sent with consultation, and a wide variety of research specimens.  Our lab also provides same day STAT services for kidney biopsies, both native and transplant, including weekend service.

Combined with DMCUL systemwide educational programs, the histology laboratory is the base of NAACLS accredited School of Histotechnology.  Every year, the laboratory not only accommodates the training of 5 histotechnology students, but also accommodates the histology training of 10 students from Pathologist Assistant Program, Eugene Applegaum School of Pharmacy, Wayne State University.