Thiopurine Toxicity Prediction (TPMT genotyping)

Order Code: 327304

CPT Codes: 81401, G0452

Indication: Aid in the determination of dosage for thiopurine drugs

Required Patient Information: Personal and Family History of clinical symptoms and/or previous test results (if any)

Turn Around Time: 2 days

Specimen type: Whole blood 
Methodology: Allele specific TaqMan probe pairs will be used to assay for the TPMT allele variants TPMT*2 (c.238G>C), TPMT*3A ([c.460G>A;c.719A>G]), TPMT*3B (c.460G>A) and TPMT*3C (c.719A>G). These variants account for >95% of inherited TPMT enzyme deficiency.