Huntington disease

Order Code:  219550

CPT Codes:  81401, G0452

Required Patient Information: Personal and Family History of clinical symptoms and/or previous test results (if any); For prenatal testing: LMP date or gestational age at the time of sample collection

Turn Around Time:  7-14 days

Specimen type: Whole Blood, Amniotic fluid, Chorionic Villi

Indication:  Clinical Diagnosis; Pre-symptomatic and Prenatal testing available with approval from the laboratory director; please call 313-993-2631

Methodology: A PCR-based assay is utilized to detect expansion type mutations (CAG repeat) within the HD gene. 

Other Requirements: A maternal blood sample is required for all prenatal tests.  Pre-symptomatic patients be over the age of 18 and must have been evaluated in a center that follows Huntington Disease Society of America genetic testing guidelines that include both pre-test and post-test counseling.