Each of the laboratory entities of DMCUL is accredited and/or inspected by the following agencies: College of American Pathologists (CAP); Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA); Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and, where appropriate, by the American Association of Blood Banks. All divisions are high complexity testing laboratories. Specifically, each area holds both CAP and CLIA licenses, and upholds the rules, guidelines and recommendations of these certifying agencies, thus requiring the laboratory to be inspection ready at all times. Licensure and accreditation information is available to customers and clients of DMCUL upon request.

Core Laboratory
College of American Pathologist       (CAP) 33750-01
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1967 (1988)     (CLIA) 23D0717193
Nuclear Regulatory Commission       2123429-01
Cytogenetics         CAP 33750-02     CLIA 23D0681501
Cytopathology       CAP 45132-01     CLIA 23D0717194

Children's Hospital of Michigan
CAP 17190-01
CLIA 23D0369503

Detroit Receiving Hospital
CAP 17238-01
CLIA 23D0369512

Harper University Hospital
CAP 17186-01
CLIA 23D0036458

Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
CAP 28041-01
CLIA 23D0372668

 DMC University labs
CAP 71827-98
CLIA 23D0963695

Sinai-Grace Hospital
CAP 17268-01
CLIA 23D0702570

Point of Service Laboratories
CAP 31206-01
CLIA 23D0702557

CAP 71842-87
CLIA 23D0999417